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3 Useful Mattress Shopping Secrets You Need To Know

When thinking of buying a new mattress, is the first thought that crosses your mind to head to a mattress store?

For most of us, this is the business-as-usual approach when it comes to buying our new mattress.

Of course when it comes to our comfort we don’t want to sell ourselves short. We want to get our hands on a mattress in person, so see, touch, and feel. So off we go to the mattress in pursuit of some cushy luxury mattress

Unfortunately, mattress stores may actually be the worst shopping option and experience.

There are three reasons for these claims:

  1. Retail mattress stores’ profit margins make up a large portion of the mattress price.
  2. It takes longer than laying on a mattress for 5 minutes to determine if the mattress is a proper long-term fit.
  3. Shopping around different stores is often confusing and time consuming.

Let’s dive a little deeper into these claims:

How much more exactly are we paying to see a mattress in person before buying?

It’s no secret that buying products in person will always cost more. This is due to costs of operating a retail store. Labor, transportation, leasing space etc., all eat up a good chunk of money. These costs get pushed on to us in the form of higher mattress prices.

But the question many of us are wondering is, exactly how much more are we paying? Industry insiders claim that mattress prices contain markups averaging 40-50%. Some models at the extreme low and high ends even approach and exceed 70%.

That $1,500 mattress in reality is worth roughly $1000 end-to-end when accounting for a 50% markup. If you buy a $1,000 mattress, you in fact are paying the mattress store $500 for the privilege of a preview.

I call it the preview fee.

To top it off, the same mattress is often sold at various retailers under different model names and lines. This is an intentional act by the manufacturer and retailers. The goal of this strategy is to stop the buyer from comparing retailers and prices.

This is why mattress shopping can become stressful and frustrating. We want the best deal, but end up surrendering to the sales guy at the big box store offering us a 20% discount. On a mattress advertised with a 50-70% hidden mark up.

There’s only so much reviewing and comparing we can do before decision fatigue sets in. This is why every mattress and furniture store runs some kind of sale year round. Every holiday is the biggest sale of the year.

Don’t I need to try before I buy?

This is the #1 reason why most of us put up with paying the preview price, aka the hidden markup.

Feeling a mattress in person with our hands and laying on it gives us a sense of security in our investment. A feeling that we made the right choice. This is the vulnerability that allows mattress retailers to price gouge us.

The problem is, it is impossible to tell if a mattress will be the right fit in the moment. Most mattresses take at least two weeks to break in. On top of that, our bodies often take from a few weeks up to two months to adjust to a new sleeping surface. This is why a majority of new mattress buyers often complain about waking up sore or achy within a few days of a new purchase. This is a completely normal physiological response from your body.

Alternatives to the traditional model

There are many mattress companies that have popped up online recently. These companies are offering attractive alternatives that are disrupting the mattress industry.

In fact, my most recent mattress purchase was from one of these online companies. The experience was so effortless and painless that it inspired me to create this post.

Advantages to buying online:

Extended Trial Periods

Most online mattress brands offer an extended trial period. Some as long as a whole year. If your’e not happy with the mattress they will give you your money back. This allows you the opportunity to allow your body to adjust to the mattress. Also allows for a proper break-in period of the mattress.

Try returning your mattress at a big box store after a year… Yeah not happening.

Unbeatable Warranties… No Haggling Required

Some online companies are offering up to lifetime warranties… free of charge.

No charge for shipping or delivery

Yup, your online mattress will most likely arrive in a box. If you return it, most companies arrange pickup for you.

No Preview Fee!

Since there’s no retail store or sales man, you save that 40-50% mark up costs! This results in rock bottom prices for a quality mattress!

No Interest Financing

Not only do you save a ton of money, but most of these companies offer 0% financing.

If they offer Affirm financing, applying for financing will not affect your credit score!

Since Affirm financing is a personal loan, it will not affect your credit utilization!

Mattress Recommendations

Dreamcloud Luxury Mattress

Warranty: Lifetime
Trial Length: 365 Night Sleep Trial
Shipping Cost: Free Shipping
Return Cost: $0
Financing: 0% available through Affirm.
Unique Feature: DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frames

Dreamcloud luxury mattress

Nectar Sleep Mattress

Warranty: Lifetime
Trial Length: 365 Nights
Shipping Cost: $0
Return Cost: $0
Financing: 0% available through Affirm.
Unique Feature: NECTAR Adjustable Frame

Layla Mattress

Warranty: Lifetime
Trial Length: 120 Nights
Shipping Cost: $0
Return Cost: $0
Financing: 0% available through Affirm.
Unique Feature: Two sided mattress- One side firm, one side soft

Keetsa Mattress

Warranty: 12 Years
Trial Length: 90 Nights
Shipping Cost: $0
Return Cost: 10%
Financing: 0% available through Affirm.
Unique Feature: Stand alone retail store at online only prices.

Dreamy Nights Ahead - Choose Keetsa Mattresses - Shop Now!

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