About Millennials & Beyond

Throughout my career, certain topics frequently came up during interactions with clients. I realized that many questions often came from those in my own age group: Millennials.

Topics included:

  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Travel

I named this site “Millennials & Beyond” to reflect this belief.

About Me

Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

My name is Xavier Williams. I am a re-entry Economics student at the University of California, Berkeley. I took a non-traditional path on my journey towards higher education. After high school I decided to enter the work force instead of going to college. I was fortunate to work my way up the from an entry-level sales job into managing various teams.

My journey has helped me locate my passion: leading and inspiring others to reach success.

Experiences from my previous career journey:

  • Personal Banker advising clients in financial affairs.
  • Real Estate agent providing credit guidance to future first-time home buyers.
  • Sales Professional in the technology / wireless industry

Click here to visit my LinkedIn page.

My Studies include:

  • Associates of Arts degrees in Political Science & Economics while at West Valley College.
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics at the University of California in progress.
  • Studied Global Citizenship & Modern fiction abroad in France.

My Academic Achievements include:

Fun Stuff:

I have two boxer dogs named Leila & Curry.

Leila & Curry on Curry’s Birthday

Favorite Sports Teams:

  • Golden State Warriors
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • San Francisco Giants

Favorite non-home game attended: 
2014 NFC Championship game, Seahawks vs 49ers. (Sad day)

Favorite U.S. City to Visit: New York

Favorite country to vacation: Jamaica.

Favorite Burger Joint: Shake Shack
Sorry fellow Californians, it’s definitely better than In-N-Out

Favorite Pizza Joint: Joe’s Pizza, New York
New York has the best pizza, sorry Chicagoans. California please step your game up.

Favorite Burrito Joint: Jalisco’s Taqueria, San Jose
California is King of Mexican food outside of Mexico.

Favorite Taco Joint/Taco Truck: Tacos Sinaloa, Oakland 
Did I mention we have the best Mexican food in California?

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